Gambac Story

Lactic Acid Bacteria has always played an important role in human lives from the moment we came into this world. From birth, the very first meal of a mother’s breast milk consists of vital nutrients including Lactic Acid Bacteria Bifidobacterium over one hundred millions in numbers per CC.

Gambac was formulated by Dr. James Gambac, a dedicated scientist who was determined to find a way to improve microorganism that will be beneficial to the body’s immune system in the intestine. Through his observation of people’s daily eating habits, James was able to make a connection between what he has observed in relations to the body’s irregular metabolic syndrome as well as statistics of a steady increase in patients afflicted with conditions of obesity, diabetes, allergy, inflamed intestine and colon cancer. All these common illnesses are a result of intestine irregularity which is caused by imbalanced microorganism and intestinal ecosystem.

“ I want to encourage good health care values from the very beginning since this is truly a solid foundation for keep good health ”

Dr. James Gambac